Music+ Bingo

Music+ Bingo

Jukebox Bingo

Some call it Trivingo.

Ideal entertainment for:

·        Nightlife Entertainment

·        Campus Events

·        Corporate Functions

·        Holiday Parties

·        Church Festivals

·        County Fairs

·        Retirement Communities

·        Fundraisers

Test Your Pop Music Knowledge!

Two favorite Pastimes combined for one Highly Interactive, Highly Fun game!

Jukebox Bingo

We’ve swapped the Balls for Beats

Take the element of Bingo and add to that the edge-of-your-seat Name That Tune, Name That Picture, or even a trivia question and you are half way to understanding what this game is all about. We have brought together two faves people know, cherish and have been playing for years and combined them to produce a spectacle that is fresh, exciting and creative. And above all else EVERYONE loves!


November 1Lina's Lounge7 pm
November 2Southend Tap8 pm
November 8Fuse Rest/Dyersville7 pm
November 9Southend Tap8 pm
November 10PJs Pub7 pm
November 11 Fundraiser/CRT/B/D
November 15Lina's Lounge7 pm
November 16Southend Tap8 pm
November 23PJs Pub7 pm
November 30Southend Tap8 pm

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